A story from THE ANIMAL CHRONICLES is available as a free download

The Snail's Tale, from The Animal Chronicles“SHELDON THE SNAIL was very proud. He had been chosen to be the ambassador of the “Slow Movement,” the crusade to hit the brakes on life’s hectic pace. This morning he had been taken in a stretch limo for a photo shoot because, obviously, he couldn’t slither there fast enough.”

So begins The Snail’s Tale, one of ten quirky stories in my illustrated collection called The Animal Chronicles, available on my author page at Amazon or Amazon U.K.

» Download a free copy of THE SNAIL’S TAIL.

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Collage Workshop at Carmarthen Sketch Club and Art Society

On April 9, 2015 I ran a collage workshop at the Carmarthen Sketch Club. The purpose of the workshop was to demonstrate how collage can give artists total freedom and infinite possibilities in creating very individual work.

We used newspapers, magazines, wallpaper, fabrics, wrapping paper and scrapbook paper as raw materials for building collages. We also used painted watercolour and acrylic papers to which salt, pastel, and varnish were added. One of the more unusual things we did was to recycle old paintings and drawings into new collage pictures.

Lynn Blake John demonstrates collage techniques at the Carmarthen Sketch Club on April 9, 2015.

Lynn demonstrates collage techniques
at the Carmarthen Sketch Club.

The photograph illustrates several ways to represent a date palm seed pod using collage. Two entirely different types of papers were used to show the first two pods. As you can see, I was in the middle of developing the third pod using fabric cut out from an old shirt.

I hope to visit the Carmarthen Sketch Club again in the near future. They are a wonderful group of warm, friendly and dedicated artists.

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THE ANIMAL CHRONICLES: Book reading and talk

Talk at Carmarthen Library on 5 March 2015 at 2:30 pm

animal-chronicles-coverOn March 5 I’ll be speaking at the Carmarthen Library Book Club on King Street about my new book, The Animal Chronicles. I’ll be reading an excerpt and talking about how I got my ideas and what my publishing experience was like.

The Animal Chronicles is a collection of ten quirky animal stories reminiscent of Roald Dahl, including:

  • a bee who is afraid of flowers
  • a whale who wants to be a pop star
  • a moth who wants to be a butterfly
  • a brown rat expedition to Antarctica
  • the frog Olympics
  • a gorilla without a family
  • a hummingbird migration
  • FeatherEx, the avian delivery service
  • Sheldon Snail, the ambassador of the “slow” movement
  • the Animal Kingdom beauty pageant.

These stories are packed with science facts as well as humour and heart. All of the characters are well-versed in our contemporary culture. They may surprise you with their insights into our lives! This book is for everyone who wants to read about our dreams and laugh about our foibles. Ebook and paperback editions are available.

Previously published ebooks now available in paperback

The Accidental Athlete and Revenge of the Vegetables, previously published as ebooks, are now also available as paperbacks. A Welsh/English bilingual edition of Revenge of the Vegetables also is available.

For more information or to buy the books, visit my author page on Amazon or Amazon U.K..

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Revenge of the Vegetables - Welsh editionRevenge of the Vegetables is now available in a bilingual Welsh/English edition (ebook or paperback). The Welsh title is Dial Y Llysiau. Since I live in Wales, I wanted to inspire Welsh children to enjoy vegetables, too. Dr Llinos Roberts of S4C television translated the book into Welsh.

Mwynhau eich pryd! (Bon appetit in Welsh).

For more information or to buy any of my books, visit my author page on Amazon or Amazon U.K..

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