Children’s Books

Lynn Blake John has published three illustrated children’s books on Amazon: Revenge of the Vegetables, The Accidental Athlete, and The Animal Chronicles. For more information and to buy copies, visit Lynn’s author page at Amazon or Amazon U.K.

To view some sample pages, click on the thumbnails below. To download and read The Snail’s Tale, one of the ten stories in The Animal Chronicles, click here.



Freddie hated sports and games and exercise. He didn’t even like walking. One day he sneaked off the playing field in the middle of a game — and the consequences were unusual! Freddie goes on a surreal journey to discover that sports are not so bad, after all.



Freddie hated vegetables. One day when no one was looking, he threw his vegetables into the rubbish bin. The angry vegetables wanted revenge and Freddie had to run for his life! Can Freddie be rescued? Can vegetables actually be good for you?



Learn about the awe-inspiring world of animals. These fun-filled stories are packed with incredible science facts as well as humour and heart. The Animal Chronicles is a collection of ten quirky animal stories reminiscent of Roald Dahl